New Era in DRM

The emergence of cross-platform, browser-agnostic DRM technologies has spurred the demand for premium online media. KeyOS serves this demand across a variety of computers and connected devices using a unified approach to rights management. Whether you need Windows Media DRM or PlayReadyDRM, it's all there in KeyOS.

Security in the Cloud

KeyOS utilizes robust cloud computing technologies with enhanced asset level security, providing scalability and flexibility for digital media deployments of all sizes. Cloud computing allows KeyOS to support the needs of pay-media operators by effectively balancing deployment costs with a robust level of service functionality.
Cloud Based Encryption

Studio & Network Approved

Whether you are creating a digital copy for a movie release, securing internal digital dailies or building screener previews, with KeyOS, you are using a solution vetted by the major movie studios and television networks. BuyDRM is licensed by Microsoft to provide advanced PlayReady DRM services and solutions.
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